Discursive Analytical Centre

Head of the research group

Members of the research group

  • dr. György Szretykó, PhD, associate professor, Head of Department
  • dr. Attila Pongrácz, PhD,  senior lecturer
  • dr. Adél Vehrer, PhD, associate professor
  • dr. Suijit Chaudhuri, PhD, senior lecturer
  • Andrea Korén, assistant professor
  • dr. Attila Mészáros, PhD, senior lecturer
  • dr. Gábor Élő, PhD, senior lecturer

Subject and objective of the research

The Hungarian work culture and labour market situation, its changes and trends

Goal: analysis of the characteristic qualities of the work culture in Hungary and that of the changes, causes and trends of the labour market situation

Theoretical, practical and methodological questions of counselling

Goal: to develop further the current theories of counselling or at least one of them, and to outline new counselling methods applicable in practice

Human resources management or one of its areas in organisations of different types

Goal: investigation of the characteristics of human resouces management or one of its areas (human resources planning, analysis and planning of spheres of activity, evaluation, recruiting, laying off, performance evaluation, incentive management, personnel development) with empirical methods in an actual economic or another type organisation

Possibilities of human resources development within the Hungarian population

Goal: mapping the human resources state of the motherland as well as that of the Hungarians beyond the borders and outlining the possiblities in development

Disadvantaged groups in the labour market

Goal: investigation of the labour market limitations and chances of the disadvantaged groups (career starters, women, the elderly, the Romany, the disabled, etc.) with empirical means and methods

Comparative analysis of the managements in East-Central Europe in a given sector

Goal: analysis of the similarities and differences of managements in East-Central European countries with empirical means and methods