Research Group for Andragogy and Human Resources Development Studies

Head of the research group

Members of the research group

dr. Balázs Varga, PhD, lecturer

Zsolt Szalai, assistant professor

András Kántor, labour market analyst

Beáta Valastyán, psychologist specialising in labour psychology

Ildikó Trunkos, PhD student

The colleagues from the same department of the Faculty of Art, Education and Sport Studies, University of West Hungary also participate in the workshop: Professor dr. Zsuzsa Mátrai, PhD, dr. József Martinkó, PhD, senior lecturer, Szilvia Vincze, lecturer, Mária Horváth, Mrs. Kispál, lecturer.


Subject and objective of the research

The goal of the research activity of this group is to support the training of andragogues with scientific and professional research into which the students also get involved through the workshop seminars.


Key areas of our research:

– Investigating the regularities of self-improvement in adulthood anf the need for further training and learning.

– Mapping the sociological and labour sociological motivations of career building.

– How do the individual’s labour market opportunities change in the process of adult education and lifelong learning?

– Doing research on the labour market demands and trends and systematic sorting of company demands.

– Examination of the methods of financing education, the possible directions of changes.


Joint research fields with the Faculty of Art, Education and Sport Studies, University of West Hungary:

 Higher education and labour market

 Lifelong learning and feeling comfortable

 Training methods in higher education

 Talent nurturing and adult education

 Pedagogy of survival


Doctoral research projects related to the group:

Ildikó Trunkos: Local and regional possibilities and requirements of teaching and educating the elderly.


Research partners:

West Transdanubian Regional Labour Centre, local office in Győr

Workplus Kft., local office in Győr