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Famulus Hostel

The Famulus Student Hostel in Budai Street functions as a high quality student hostel. The apartments are comfortable for students. The residents of the hostel can use the bowling and squash facilities of the Famulus Hotel at a discount price


From the autumn of 2007 a 120-person hostel and a moder business hotel 200-person, close to the Faculty, serve the comfort of our students and the high-standard work experience of the students of tourism. The Hotel Famulus model hotel have an infrastructure unparalleled in Hungary and increase the available accommodation in Győr.


Live in the centre of the city at a high level in the Residence hall of Budai street!The new residence hall of the University, close to Árkád Mall, ten-minute walk from the centre and the University, wait you.The apartments are located on three upstairs floors, connected with lift. The comfort of the residents is provided by four-person flats (2 double rooms) with shower and WC. The kitchens are equipped with built-in furniture, refrigerator, cooking facilities and store. All apartments have internet access and telephone lines to assist the studies.Non-stop reception assure security.A lounge can be found at the end of the corridor on every floor in the building, the cafeteria and the bicycle store are in the hall, and on the ground floor a room for receiving guests, a lecture-room (club), a computer room and a copy shop are situated. The laundry and an aerobic room are in the basement (a fitness centre can be found in the neighbouring building). The residents can use the bowling and squash courts of the model hotel at a discount price.The near Árkád Mall offers shopping and a wide range of services.The residence hall closely cooperate with the model hotel, which mean temporary work for the students, for example, during programmes.Comfort await you in Budai street!


Address: 9027 Győr, Budai út 4-6.

Phone: +36 96/547-734; +36 30/538-9114

Reception: +36 96/541-722


About the residence hall of Cuha street

In the residence hall of Cuha street, located in the modern residential district of the city, the calm circumstances necessary for study are guaranteed to the full. The housing of the students does not take place in the usual form but in apartments of different size, offering unparalleled accommodation in Hungary

300 students can be housed in the residence hall.

The aim of the students’ accommodation in residence hall is to help the studies and the preparation for playing intellectual and public roles with providing residence of high standards.

In the residence hall of Cuha street the calm circumstances necessary for study are guaranteed maximumly as the accommodation of the students does not take place in the usual form but in 5–6–8-person apartments of different size. The two- or three-roomed apartments, equipped with kitchen with gas cooker and refrigerator, bathroom and separate sanitary premises, offer unparalleled accommodation in Hungary. The students’ comfort is served in each apartment by the telephone for internal and external calls, the cable tv connection and the internet access, as well as the vending machine providing soft and hot drinks (no cafeteria in the building). There is a computer and a club room both for amusement and study.The residence hall lies far from the Faculty in a block of flats, so community life is restricted. Since it has been built from panels, it is not possible to increase the size of the rooms to hold more people. We try to make the collegiate life more colourful in these small rooms.

The residence hall holds 340 students, approximately 40 per cent of the applicants can be accommodated there. Admission is based on a point system. Points can be collected by school achievement and community work. 10 per cent of the places is filled based on social/welfare situation.

Address: Győr, Cuha u. 18–20.
Telephone: + 36 96/412-959

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