Győr – city of meetings

The two most important factors in locating a city are traffic-geographical situation and advantaged strategic role. Through all its history, Győr has had a determining importance in the region. It was named Arrabona in the time of the Roman Empire; later Napoleon and other rulers visited the city. After Trianon the territory changed, Győr, which lies at the meeting point of the three rivers, the Danube, the Rába and the Rábca, has become a commercial and industrial city but all the while it has also been a cultural and intellectual centre.


Today, when hearing the name Győr, people may first think of the world-famous Ballet Company of Győr, the Summer Cultural Festival of Győr, the annually staged Baroque wedding with period dresses and ceremony, and the Hungarian factory of Audi. Countless other programmes and possibilities await the visitors in the bustling and thriving life of the city. The colourful palette of the offered programmes do not lack in musical and literary evenings or exhibitions of the fine arts in the institutions of art, not a few of them famed all over in the country.


The guests visiting Győr shall also find excellent opportunities to do sports or spend their leisure time, and their comfort will be assured in the many hotels and pensions. Come and visit Győr, the city of meetings!