The field of music

Besides teaching, a very important activity of the Department of Music is to form the musical life of the Faculty, to prepare the students, student groups , the choir and the orchestra and to direct their artistic activities as well as to provide opportunities to perform for the artists who teach at the Department. These performances mean significant and high-standard concerts, also in other areas of musical public life and the appearances of our student groups, choirs, orchestra and teachers are welcomed warmly either singly or participating in other musical ensembles.

The musical ensembles at the Faculty: Women’s Choir, Mixed Chorus and the Apáczai Orchestra. These groups led by the teachers frequently perform at national programmes (chamber music festivals, choral festivals) as well as at the programmes organised by the Faculty (Apáczai Days, Advent concert, The Students’ Artistic Days at the University of West Hungary). Both choruses always take part in the annual Spring Chorus Festival organised by the Festival and Programme Organising Agency of Győr. Due to our international connections our ensembles have already appeared as guests in many countries and presented their repertoire in several cities of Germany, Italy, France and Austria in recent years.

The tasks of the Department of Music include the improvement of individual talents. Thus, we undertake the preparation of gifted students and having them judged at diverse competitions. In past years our students performed successfully in competitions of folk singing and competitions of teaching.

The interested and musically prepared students may take part in groups of pop music at the Faculty. We provide both equipment and rehearsal possibilities.

Visual field

At the Department of Visual Education of Apáczai Faculty of the University of West Hungary the professional variegation of the teachers including two artist-craftsmen, one sculptor, two painters and two draftsmen makes possible for the students to learn about the genre most suited to their interest and talent or to pursue creative studies engrossed in their chosen fields improving their talents. Besides the studies to improve their representational and expressive skills, those whose goal is to become a primary school teacher also learn the methodology of visual education and art history. They may choose one of the courses on painting-graphics, sculpture, pottery and computer graphics facultatively.

The students who have chosen the cultural domain of visual education receive a rich, multi-genred training. They can improve their creativity in workshops of painting, graphics, object-making, puppet-making and computer graphics. The theoretical subjects include art history, folk art, analysis of works of art-aesthetics and methodology. The students may choose from these subjects according to their individual interest and may develop further in their most successful field in the four years they spend at the Faculty.

A pleasant opportunity to discover and care for talent is the annually organised camping of creative activities which also offers intense work and where all interested parties may freely experiment and create under the supervision of the artist-teachers.

A spectacular part of the artistic life of the Faculty is the Apáczai Gallery, where the works by contemporary artists and talented students are regularly exhibited.


The theatrical workshop of the Faculty: the Epilogue Chamber
A theatrical circle, a theatrical workshop has been working in the Attic Theatre of the National Theatre of Győr for years, where the students may take part in the realisation and production of a theatrical performance, participate in festivals of university theatres, can learn what happens behind the scenes, the dramatic plays, acting which they can later use very well in their pedagogical work. They can try recite poems in the programme of the Day of Poetry, visit children as Santa Claus and make them sing.

In this workshop we also try to introduce the students to the mysteries of film making, teach them the most important rules of direction and dramaturgy, give opportunities to learn the techniques of camera conduct, to write their own screenplay and to shoot it together with partners.

The members of the Epilogue Chamber will welcome you if you decide to become the students of a long- and well-established Faculty!


Sport and leisure time possibilities at the Faculty
The sports done in one’s leisure time have a great tradition at the Faculty.
Both the Student Self-government and the Universitas Student Sport Club (UDSE) offer exciting and varied programmes.
The biggest sport programme at the University of West Hungary is the University Sport Days, but there are competitions in diverse branches of sports among the Faculties: football, handball, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis, badminton, etc.

With the support of the Student Self-government (HÖK) it is possible to receive a sport grant for qualified and regular sport activity.

Students may apply for the title „Excellent students, excellent athlete”.

Universitas Student Sport Club (UDSE) of NYME-AK offers training twice a week in the following branches of sport: female handball, male handball, five-men football, female basketball, male basketball, badminton, female volleyball, male volleyball, table-tennis, aerobic (recreation level), kick-box (both competition and recreation levels), wall-climbing (recreation level).

Every sixth month we organise hiking tours (Bakony) and cycling tours (Szigetköz, Bakony).

The summer and winter camps organised by UDSE are very popular.

Aquatic (canoe) tours are organised on the Danube, in the arm system of the Old Danube several times in the summer whose participants may gaze at the flora and the fauna of Szigetköz, take their share of summer sports: beach volleyball, beach handball, beach football, etc. and may choose among other adventure tours. At the Lake Fertő our students may learn the secrets of wonderful aquatic sports during the windsurf and sailing camps. These opportunities are offered both for beginners and advanced students. We would like to enlarge the choice of summer camps with maritime navigation as well as with the opportunity to get the licences for domestic waters and for the seas.

In winter we organise skiing camps in the neighbouring countries, mainly Slovakia and Austria. We have high-level teaching courses for beginners, and further trainings for advanced students. These camps teach the students to love and protect nature, help them to organise their leisure time. We aim at providing high quality with appropriate professionalism and guidance. We would like to start courses for instructors which result in obtaining the international ski instructor’s degree.