Why is the year 1778 so significant?

In this period of the 18th century the War of Independence in America was fought, Captain Cook made wonderful discoveries, Franz Mesmer first used hypnosis in therapy, James Watt had the first real steam machine patented and many other important events of this prominent era could still be mentioned.

Meanwhile in the Hapsburg Empire, during the rule of Maria Theresia, the chronology of teachers’ training in Győr began since, based on the decrees of Ratio Educationis, the second master training course of historical Hungary started at the National School of Győr on the 1st of July 1778. The institution, qualified as college in 1975, adopted the name of the great school organiser and scholarly pedagogue, János Apáczai Csere.


In the 21st century…

In addition to continuous development and increase of majors and training, the college now functions as a Faculty of the University of West Hungary since the 1st of January 2000 and still is the determinative educational basis of the region.


The Demonstration Primary School has also belonged to the organisation of the University of West Hungary since the academic year 2003/2004. This demonstration school of the university adopted the name of the first teacher of the demonstration class of the former Teachers’ Training School in Győr, Kálmán Öveges in the spring of 2004.


In the academic year 2005/2006 the Students’ Space was completed where the spacious, exactingly furnished rooms assure the passing of leisure time in a useful way and the computer pool guarantees high standards for the students. The Bologna institution also started in that academic year so the designations of the basic majors and trainings (BA, BSc level) changed as well.


From 19th of January 2007 the Faculty receives the students and employees in a renewed environment in the Building Complex No. IV. located at Gárdonyi Géza street 10. The building, whose renovation has recently been finished and cost 1 billion HUF, has 10 lecture rooms, 5 seminar rooms, one weight room, one well-equipped gymnasium and one room of informatics on 2,700 square metres, all of them equipped with up-to-date teaching aids assuring that the requirements of the 21st century are met. In the building complex 1,100 students can be taught at the same time, and the Department of Special Needs Education, the Institute of Tourism and the recreation and health improvement training are also situated there.


The manifold growth is also indicated by the fact that our students will be able to use a model hotel, called Hotel Famulus, to be opened on 1st of September 2007, which is unparalleled in the country.


Presently at Apáczai Csere János Faculty of the University of West Hungary 1,680 full-time students study and 1,531 students take part in distance learning, since 2003 all of them according to the educational order ensured by the credit system.